Most schools in Ghana are badly hit by the Covid-19. Schools are unable to to meet their variable cost on their wage bills. We have two reasons for schools unable to meet their cost.

First, schools are unable to collect fees since as they remain closed. The closure of schools means no school activities such as tuition to demand fees, feeding to collect feeding fees, and many more.

Secondly, parents are relax since schools remain closed. They thought it wise to make their children stay at home and are not willing to pay for any tuition services pertaining to online or the likes. Some attribute their woes to the loss of Jobs due to the Covid-19. What parents must note is that, by January as schools will be re-open, students might have forgotten all what  they have been taught. Students are coming to school with empty heads. The effect will be huge cost parents will incur to advert the possible failure of their wards. They may pay the money they forfeited to pay this time. Schools might put in measures to meet the gap which will be borne by parents in the form of fees increment or classes fees. So, surely parents will pay a lot compared to they giving the schools chance to make contingency measures for the wards.

The government in its course to save the situation has given the green light to the forms two to be in school in October 5, 2020. With the government’s decision. We can make the conclusion that, the government want to forfeit the remaining of second term and third term of 2020 and start a new school year in 2021.

Foregoing suggest that, the government will arrange and design a new calendar  for schooling in the country. First term will start January and ends somewhere April, second term will be May and ends somewhere July and third term starts September and ends December.

The above also suggest that BECE will be around August or September. This means that the October, 2020 re-open of form 2 should be taken very seriously. They will have their first term of form 3 in January and last term ends August or September.

The way forward is to concentrate on your form two and manage them in such a way that, you get at least four teachers to handle all the subjects so that, fees collected from them will be enough to make teachers deliver. Some schools are merging the form 1 to form 2 increase the numbers. However, GES will start the registration of the form two from October to December, 2020. Schools must learn how to manage the merging of the form two and form 1 to avoid problems with the GES.

Schools can pair their subjects with teachers as follows;





We can try the pairing depending on our teachers capabilities. Whatever the case will be with careful planning we can manage the situation well.