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(a) What is rural urban drift                                                                             4 marks

(b) Outline four causes of rural urban drift                                                  16 marks

(c) Explain five effects of rural urban drift                                                  20 marks

(d) Highlight five measures to control rural urban drift                           20 marks


(a) Rural urban drift is the movement of people especially youths from the rural areas to the urban centres. This means that people in the rural areas due to certain factors leave their communities for the cities to chase better conditions of life. Rural urban drift may arises due to pull and push factors in the country. The pull factors are the conditions in the cities which attract people from the villages. Some of the conditions include; employment opportunities, better education and social amenities. Also, the push factors are the harsh conditions in the rural areas which make people run away for a better life. Some of the conditions include;lack of social amenities, lack of schools,poverty and many more. An example of rural urban drift is Kwame Appiah moving from Domebra to Accra for settlement.

(b) Rural urban drift is the movement of the people in the rural areas into the urban centres for better conditions of life. There are several causes of rural urban drift in the country. Some of the causes of rural urban drift in the country are;unemployment in the rural areas,lack of social amenities in the rural areas, prestige among people and poverty in the rural areas. Below are the details of the causes of rural urban drift in the community.


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