Looking teachers for your school? Download, register, hire, appraise and make payment for your teachers using DasApp platform. 
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Registration and login

Register with your credentials either as a teacher or a client(parents, students, schools etc.).

Make sure you have image of valid and national ID, picture as a teacher

After registration, login either with facebook or google


Tap on the location symbol at the top at the search bar. Type the name of your locality and click search. Available teachers will be display for you to hire.

You can also search for teachers by typing the subject you are looking for. Teachers for that particular subject will be available for you to hire.


The Best Experience Ever

"We developed this app for tutors and students to be matched and be the facilitator of quality and result oriented teaching hub for Ghanaian children. I call on all teachers, parents, schools and students to be on board''
mr.danso kwasi nti samuel

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To hire a teacher, search for teachers by clicking or tapping on the subjects. Next, tap on the teacher you want.

Know their credentials and hire them

After taping or clicking on the teacher scroll for hire button. 

Click on the button and types the job you want to give to the teacher showing the location